Swap Factory - Joomla Barter Extension

Easy to use and install, Swap Factory is a Joomla Native Extension that allows you to start your own Barter and Classifieds Website in just a few clicks.

 You can test out Swap Factory in this demo Website - Frontend and Backend features - just login as a user by clicking the buttons on the left. To check out the administrative backend, click on the menu on top labeled "Administrator Backend".

Make money from a listing fee or let sellers do it for free and earn more from Advertisement.(Google AdSense, Affiliate Programs etc.) SwapFactory is a turnkey solution not only for Joomla Webmasters but for those who are not familiar with Joomla content management system. The extension integrates perfectly with any Joomla Template (there are hundreds of free Joomla templates available).

Keeping in mind that you, as a site owner, can generate income from your website, this is how our Classifieds Extension was built. You can either charge a fee for each listing or just charge listings within a specific category. You can also integrate any banner/advertising system into Swap Factory - for instance Google Adsense.

No Programming required - there are no PHP or similar programming skills needed to install/run/configure/customize our Extension - There is a very simple installer and an intuitive configuration, and of course an extensive documentation and support system (forum, tickets, email) at your disposal.

Whether you are running barter ads for Cars, Clothing, motorcycles, bicycles, rv’s, guns, horses, or general merchandise, Swap factory is the right package for you.

Listed below are some of the features:

  • Unlimited Categories and subcategories
  • Several income possibilities - listing fees, pay for contacting the seller, pay to have your classified featured, etc.
  • Integrated Credit system  - users have an in-site balance that they can use for posting, upgrading listings
  • Allow buyers and sellers to communicate directly
  • You can limit the number of simultaneous ads for one user
  • You can allow Guest posting (no registration needed!)
  • Multi Language
  • List each item with image, description, pricing, and others
  • Charge a listing fee or let sellers do it for free
  • Broadcast your ads contents via RSS feed
  • You can have map on site for each listing (Google Maps)
  • You can change the design for your site with single click. Included several themes.

Featured Listings

an straight forward way to monetize your Ads is a "Featured listing" mechanism where special Ads have priority and move at the top. Users can upgrade any of his listings at any time.


 Google Maps integration

Barter Ads can be pinpointed on the Google Worldmap and can be searched visually through Radius search or to view it on the Google maps listing. Check out the functionality by using the "Ads on Map" menu on the left

Custom User Profiles with configurable Fields

Administrators can set up profile fields for user profiles and users can set their default location on google maps. Swap Factory can be configured to work with any number of countries, webmasters can enable them as needed.


 Endless Catergories

 You can set up any number of categories to any depth needed. You can set up separate prices for categories or expire times for classifieds based on categories.

Unlimited number of pictures and several customizable Galleries

Users can upload any number of pictures (settable) and attached documents. An array of galleries is at your disposal to choose from.  Configurable at a mouse click away



Integrated Messaging system

Users can communicate with the Offer publisher. Message boards can be public or private. Users get notified upon receiving a message. If enabled - even guests can post questions (it is advisable to enable Captcha)

.... and many more features. Check any functionality using the menu on the left or log in to the backend